Posted on 8-Nov-2018

Votive Candle Gift Box Set ~ Earth, Air, Fire & Water

Harness the energy of the elements with our Votive Candle Gift Set inspired by Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Our votive candles are made with 100% pure soy wax and your choice of either fragrance oils or essential oils.  

Each votive candle includes uniquely chosen flowers and/or herbs and a healing gemstone to bring positive energy to you and your home.  The lovely gift box includes a secret compartment with useful information on the four elements ~ for inspiration, intention, blessings or spell work.  The scents used for each votive candle is inspired by the elements. 

These are wonderful candles to set a mystical mood, for psychic and spiritual development, candle magic and spells, meditation or simply for relaxation.
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